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With pictures، Latest BMW 7 2020 leaks

With pictures، Latest BMW 7 2020 leaks

BMW 7 2020

Over the past few days, I have seen some of the striking photos of the all-new BMW 7, the all-new 2020, which attracted the attention of specialists and was impressed.

Due to the quality and nature of the images, it is believed that they were leaked from people with "valid knowledge of the vehicle's design and manufacture, according to "Carbuzz.

BMW 7 Model 2020, LI M760 , LI 750 Sport, and LI 750 Normal Series, all of which were white, with only slight variations in tire rims.

Design modifications

Recently leaked pictures, It looks very similar to images leaked before, but in recent images there are some modifications to the front and rear of the vehicle.

 BMW 7 2020
Modern leakage
BMW 7 2020
From old leaks

The design of the tail lights has also been modified to be more similar to that of all new BMW III vehicles, although it is now linked to a new LED light bar

. The rear impact has also been redesigned, with variations in its final shape by category.

Vehicle engine

At the BMW E-Forum, some information was also leaked regarding the new car’s engine. According to some knowledgeable sources, the new vehicle will have a new V8 340PS or 388PS engine and 369 lb/ft torque.

The "745 iPerformance XDrive" electric-type hydride option will also be available with a combined engine power of 388 HP and 422 lb/ft torque, up 64 HP for the current 740E series.

The engine will also be in the 750i series of BMW, with an eight-cylinder capacity, as in the M850i series. But with 523 HP, 553 lb/ft torque.

When does the company officially disclose the car?

Given the nature of the new images leaked and the images generated by intelligent electronic software, BMW will often provide images and official information soon about its seventh-class car for 2020.

In any case, the company is expected to officially disclose the car at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

BMW 7 2020

What can be said about the new BMW 7 series car is that it looks less "conservative" than it was before; The new design modifications were so bold that some car users who would prefer the old traditional taste in such a class of luxury Sedan.

However, the car is stunning in its details and new look, and it will be more competitive with similar vehicles like the Audi A8/S8 and Mercedes Benz S-Class.