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Chinese Energetics gives you tips for washing your car

washing your car
 washing your car

Chinese Energetics, an ancient science of Feng Shui, still gives you advice, which is based on proven principles about your car, and therefore gives you the following advice when washing and caring for your car:

  1. Above all, do not stop the car next to the garbage dump, as this transfers the negative energy of the car, and leads to damage.
  2. You must wash the car well before leaving it in order to ensure that it has completely dried.
  3. Do not immerse the car in water from the inside.
  4. Do not move from the car wash before the car dries up.
  5. Do not drive in the rain, as this exposes you to road accidents.
  6. The car is considered a metal element that is weakened by the water element, and therefore you should keep your car away from the water element, such as standing next to a fountain or sewage pipe.
  7. Also, keep away from sources of water vapor.
  8. Getting out by car, which is wet, weakens it, exposing you to accidents or a complete journey.
  9. Don't comment water-like comments like the little bottles in which birds and tree leaves swim in the car.
  10. Do not leave the perfume bottle visible in the car dashboard.