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5 electric Cadillacs and an electric Chevrolet pickup on the way

Despite everything that has happened over the past few months, the technology of next-generation GM batteries "Ultium" and the electric cars that will use them are still under development as per the schedule set by the company. This was one of the key elements in General Motors' 10th annual sustainability report, which provides analysts, investors and the media with regular updates on the automaker's quest to become more sustainable.
Indeed, despite nationwide closures in the United States and switching to remote work whenever possible, every one of GM's Ultium battery programs is still on schedule. The list of cars that will depend on this battery includes some attractive vehicles, such as a new Chevrolet pickup.
The pick-up, which GM referred in its report as "Chevrolet BET Truck," will be the first fully electric full-size pickup truck from Chevrolet, and will compete head-to-head with the future Ford F-150. And all the details of the Chevrolet pick-up car that it will only provide "644 range" in one shipment.
The report mentions two other models of upcoming Chevrolet electric vehicles - the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, which we already know, and a mid-size SUV not yet named. Buick will also receive a number of electric cars such as a multi-purpose sports utility vehicle designed for maximum passenger and cargo space, and a crossover that focuses on the sporty look and feel.
As for Cadillac, which was used to drive the electric car sector of General Motors, it currently has five upcoming electric vehicles, including the upcoming crossover of Lyric in 2022; The Celestiq, which will be built manually at the rate and three additional vehicles, one of which will be close to the Escalade if not directly and was converted to electric.
The GMC Hummer electric truck, despite its difficulties during the year 2020, is still on the right track to enter production in late 2021.