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Top 10 Tips to Follow When Buying a Used Car

 When Buying a Used Car

Many people cannot afford to pay for a new car, so they are looking for a good and used car to buy it. If you intend to do so, you should check it carefully and check it to make sure it is generally safe.

Below are the top 10 tips that you should follow when purchasing a used car:

  • Determine the price you can pay, and review the prices of websites for used cars.
  • Check the mileage that the car has made, as this affects its consumption.
  • Do not rush to buy a car. Rather, you should study the market prices well in order not to regret.
  • If you like, check the used car at a service center specialized in inspecting the cars to ensure their safety and suitability.
  • Checking the car's exterior body "paint and rust", checking corners and invisible places, and looking for any traces of welding in its floor and the socket and edges of the legs and tires.
  • Check the engine well, and check its sound to ensure its age.
  • Mechanically inspect the vehicle in terms of brakes, steering, and others if they are working or not.
  • Ensure that all "lights" buttons, doors and windows are in working order.
  • Checking the car seats and making sure they are fixed.
  • Ensure that the steering wheel is completely positioned in the middle if it is far away from it, as it is possible that it has been removed to do some thing in the suspension system, or to adjust the wheels.
 When Buying a Used Car

Finally, if the used car is completely intact, you should visit a specialized service center to change engine oil, check the battery and engine of the car, and any other necessary things.