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China uses artificial intelligence to reduce accidents with an advanced and intelligent system

China uses artificial intelligence to reduce accidents

Day after day, China is proving to be one of the most important and leading countries in the field of "artificial intelligence", and the matter in this economic and industrial giant is not limited to scientific and technological experiments only in this field, but it goes beyond that the authorities in the country are working to enter this information revolution, In all aspects and different areas of life.

Recently, the Chinese authorities announced their intention to introduce a monitoring system that relies heavily on artificial intelligence technology for cars, in vehicles that run daily in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, starting next January, 2019, amidst the city's tireless efforts to address The problem of accidents caused by drivers' mistakes.

According to the international media, this smart and advanced system, which was designed with the aim of reducing road traffic accidents, and monitoring the movement of cars and their behavior, works to track drivers ’conditions and visions of their drivers, the movement of their eyes and the positions of their heads as well, and the system will use certain" algorithms "to evaluate Levels of drowsiness or straying for drivers, and it can also measure the degree of pupil, which is an important indication of the use of drugs or alcohol, where the warning will be triggered automatically if any defect is detected or discovered.

It is worth noting that, according to a new WHO survey, more than 250,000 people die annually in China as a result of car accidents, at an average of more than 700 people per day, with car accidents considered the biggest cause of Chinese deaths between 15 and 44 years.