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Chinese Energetics chooses you to color your car

Chinese Energetics chooses you to color your car

Do you want a new car? And if you are, how do you choose the color of your car? What is the appropriate color and why?

Chinese Energetics, an ancient science full of secrets and known as "Feng Shui", offers you the following tips and surprises also regarding your private car:

  • Chinese energetics holds that the best car colors are silver ever.
  • Therefore, global statistics show that the best-selling cars around the world are silver-colored cars.
  • This is followed by cars in black and gray color.
  • The reason why silver cars are bestsellers is less likely to be accidents than others.
  • The silver color is considered a metal color, and the cars are made of metal, so there are identical and similarities between the two types, which reduces breakdowns and accidents.
  • Next for metallic colors, cars with golden, white, and blue colors can be chosen.
  • The driver must keep the car clean inside and out to reduce negative energy, which increases the driver’s focus and reduces accidents.
  • Perfumes extracted from oranges and lavender should be dispersed into the car.
  • Hearing subdued music isolates the driver from loud air and traffic outside, which reduces accidents.
  • It is also preferable not to smoke inside the car because smoke is considered an unpleasant smell that increases the negative energy that leads to road accidents due to a lack of focus.