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The new Dodge Charger GT 2019 experience

The new Dodge Charger GT 2019 experience

That cub is from that lion. Dodge has always had a long-standing heritage of performance and Dodge Charger has come to complete this walk. From a powerful force in the essence of its formation to an efficiency that exceeds expectations, to make its leadership an unforgettable experience. Dodge Charger is a real icon car. From its roots in the performance of the muscle car, the legendary form, and race heritage, to its modern performance with engineering works and modern world-class technologies, Dodge Charger is and will continue to be one of the most competitive performance cars on and off the racetrack. The only true four-door muscle car available in the Middle East continues to race in the forefront of competing cars, and with a wide range of upgrades - both inside and out - the new Dodge Charger GT 2019, equipped with a two-wheel drive rear wheel drive system, is also ahead of the streets. By value.

That is why the Madam Motors team tried the Dodge Charger on the roads of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Beating heart specifications :

The car has 300 horsepower and a fuel economy of 7.84 l / 100 km, thanks to its award-winning 3,6-liter Pentastar V6 engine, which is compatible with the advanced TorqueFlite 8-speed automatic transmission with a control system The transmission is fixed on the steering wheel.

Exterior design :

The iconic design, side shell shape and accentuated front grille designs give the Dodge Charger a fierce yet elegant look that is full of vitality.

The standard model includes a full range of modified chassis upgrades to match the racing atmosphere, including the standard sport mode, the powerful performance suspension, and the electronic stability control system in three modes - and there is also a new SRT format, including a hood for a strong performance With air-absorbing bore, black grille sporty wheels, elegant body-colored vents, sculpted side sills, and one-piece tailgate.

Interior Design :

Style, comfort, and smart technology all combine to form the core of the Dodge Charger. The brushed and engraved aluminum dashboard frame highlights several advanced and modern features such as the driver information display in the digital dashboard, dedicated, 8-inch, the largest touch screen display in its class measuring 8.4 inches in addition to the Uconnect® 4 system. It also contains Car seats with black nappa leather trims with Alcantara® suede supports and Tungsten stitching. With plenty of space in the trunk, you'll have enough room for passengers, cargo, and most importantly, enough space for you.