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Meet the Dodge La Femme a classic masterpiece specially made for women only

Dodge La Femme
Dodge La Femme

Not only is it the perfect car for women, it is made to be the first ever car dedicated to women only in the world. It is the American "Dodge La Fame" car, which during the 1950s was a beautiful and soft revolution that guided the great growth of the auto market in the United States of America. Chrysler Group, which owns Dodge, launched this rare masterpiece between 1955 and 1956.

And according to the website "Streeview", the name of the car "Dodge La Femme", French word meaning "woman". When it was first launched, it was in white and pink, along with many accessories that Chrysler believed at the time were appropriate for women only.

The "La Femme" car was running a gear change system with a push of a button and an automatic "PowerFlite" transmission that came from two speeds. Where the buttons were controlled through a special box to the left of the steering wheel. This technology, which is about 64 years old, has become widely spread today in modern cars. As the major companies began to gradually give up the handle of the accepted speed change.

Dodge La Femme

As for the interior, Chrysler has made a soft masterpiece of pink fabrics embroidered and decorated with pink wooden motifs in other degrees. In addition to the presence of a special handbag for women in a dedicated place in the back of the front passenger seat. Inside this bag contained several cosmetics and a second small bag for money, and behind the driver's seat there is a rain coat and a small parasol.

Despite all of the above, and even though it was a revolutionary wave for women, the Dodge La Femme did not achieve the success expected of it; As its sales did not exceed 2500 cars, so its production was stopped in the following year 1956. But its quality and elegance were not the reason for the lack of success, but the lack of publicity and interest in promoting it by the American company according to what the specialists see.