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Dodge ranks first in JD Power's preliminary quality study

Dodge ranks first
Dodge ranks first

Dodge made history by performing its preliminary quality study by JD Power in the United States of America in 2020. The performance of the Fiat Chrysler Automotive Group ranked first among 31 competing companies, making it the first-ever US brand to rank first in This prestigious study has been taking place for 34 years.

Ram followed her directly to occupy third place after she came in 21st last year, and she undoubtedly managed to achieve this result thanks to the strength of her award-winning new product, the redesigned 1500 model, that is, the full-size pickup truck alongside the arduous range of trucks That includes the legendary 2500 Wagon model.

Jeep achieved the best rating ever in the annual study, which analyzes the performance of the car during the first three months of ownership. Jeep, Ram and Dodge both recorded above-average results in the sector, cementing their position among the most successful auto manufacturers in the US market.

The results coincide with the announcement by Fiat Chrysler Automotive Group of new initiatives to support customer service in the Middle East. Building on the success of the "Car @ home" program, which allows customers to request a test drive home, the group has now launched iShowroom, which puts the agency's dealing experience by default in the hands of customers in the region.

iShowroom is a digital sales tool that includes information about every Fiat Chrysler Automotive model in addition to comprehensive information and videos about how the main features in cars, brand ads, motion graphics and videos work, allowing showroom and customer visitors to compare one model to another. And assist sales consultants to find models appropriate to the needs of customers. IShowroom also includes an owner-named OwnerSupport + tool, which allows customers to have a complete digital delivery experience for the vehicle they buy.

"We are proud to be the first US brand to take first place and make a double effort to stay on top. First and foremost, this means that we continue to prioritize our customers' experience with Our brands, and to ensure their continued satisfaction. ”

The performance of the Fiat Chrysler Motors Group has progressed five points among 15 companies evaluated by JD Power, which made it the first time in the sector average. JD Power uses a procedure that is based on "reported problems for every 100 vehicles". The total Fiat Chrysler Automotive Group was 13 points lower than the sector average and 10 points less than its nearest competitor.