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Genesis G70: elegance in design and performance

Genesis G70

The auto manufacturing sector is witnessing a tangible development, thanks to its high performance and exceptional innovations, in conjunction with an unprecedented acceleration in the growth of technology. That is why the Madam Motors team tested the elegant, efficient performance Genesis G70 in the roads and streets of modern Dubai.

Exceptional design and superior performance

Genesis G70 is specially designed for driving experts in the Middle East to take the driving experience to the next level. This car has won a number of distinguished awards, which led to the strengthening of its position in the sector. The list of trophies won by this flagship includes: The award for design innovation, user benefits and social responsibility at the 2018 International Design Excellence Awards ceremony, in addition to the "Best Luxury Sedan" award from Motor Sport Magazine in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the "Car of the Year" award by Motor Trend. These awards have resulted in the car shining sector-wide due to its high-end design features and fine details ranging from sporty elegance, unique colors and patterns to LED headlamps, ensuring a superior driving experience.
The G70 surpasses traditional luxury sport sedans with superior performance and exceptional design, as the Genesis G70 provides world-class driving dynamics for a smooth and comfortable ride with outstanding efficiency and exceptional efficiency, with its solid structure and superior innovations such as the electronic all-wheel drive system and the electronic suspension system (ECS), with The ability to choose between two different engines.

Exceptional safety and unique reliability

Genesis G70 is committed to providing the highest standards of safety, and the United States Highway Traffic Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS) ranked the Genesis G70 as the safest vehicle on the road, with the "Safer Choice" rating. The pioneering vehicle won this award thanks to vital safety innovations that will redefine future safe driving experiences, as well as a comprehensive range of the latest driver assistance and safety technologies, including frontal collision avoidance, pedestrian monitoring assistance and a survival assistance system within Track, collision warning system in the invisible area, etc.

The Genesis G70 is equipped with Brembo brakes to highlight the distinctive character of driving a high-performance sports sedan, which offers high quality and outstanding braking performance.

The most advanced technology at the sector level

The G70 ranked first in the compact luxury segment, as part of the JD Power 2019- study on infotainment and customer satisfaction, thanks to purposeful technological innovations. The G70 is designed to provide a next-generation audio entertainment experience and easy-to-use communication and navigation systems. Technological advantages have also been enhanced by customer-centered innovations such as a collision warning system, a seven-airbag system, a surround system, Apple CarPlay, a wireless smartphone charging system, Lexicon Sound, and a smart driver's seat.

the performance

Electronic all-wheel drive system (HTRAC) This system ensures stable driving during acceleration and cornering, even while driving on slippery roads. This exceptional system balances the braking force between the left and right wheels, as well as providing power between the front and rear wheels, depending on road and driving conditions. The rear differential system (two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive) is made of aluminum to reduce the vehicle's weight considerably.

Aerodynamic performance with extreme precision The distance of the vehicle to the ground has been adjusted, its weight, the angle of the windshield, and the height and tilt of the trunk. In addition, the full length bottom cover protecting the lower part of the car reduces air resistance and provides the best aerodynamic performance in its class (drag coefficient 0.29)

8-speed automatic transmission / Electronic Transmission System (SBW) The 8-speed seamless automatic electronic transmission on the rear wheels, which is second-generation, features its weight and efficiency, and provides advanced and smooth response and smooth transportation. The electronic conveyor handle is lightweight and highly efficient, and has a soft feel from the top to provide a comfortable grip during the transportation process.

2.0 petrol turbine engine
The maximum power is 252 hp / 6,200 rpm
The maximum torque is 36.0 kg / m / 1,400 ~ 4,000 rpm