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The all-news Lamborghini Sian Roadster 2021


The all-news Lamborghini Sian Roadster 2021 - an impressive Italian masterpiece with a rocket-powered outdoor performance

Design for the future

Automobili Lamborghini introduces the new Lamborghini Sián Roadster, which is considered a limited edition super sports hybrid convertible featuring the engineering of the iconic V12 engine, featuring unique hybrid technologies and advanced hybrid technologies. Lamborghini's superior performance, in tune with hybrid technology.

The Cyan Roadster's open-top design puts an exclusive group of drivers amid one of the most spectacular cockpits ever, as it is always an open convertible exciting car in the open air with a unique tone from the V12 engine, which is the most powerful Lamborghini to date. In addition to making it possible to enjoy the exceptional performance.

At the same time, Cyan Roadster's pioneering role is highlighted in the way Lamborghini is moving towards making her electric cars in the future.

About this car, Stefano Domenicali, President, and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, said: “Sian Roadster fully embodies the Lamborghini spirit. It is an expression of impressive design and exceptional performance, but most importantly it adopts important future technologies. The Cyan's innovative hybrid powertrain system celebrates the trend of Lamborghini super sports cars, and the Sian Roadster Convertible underscores the desire to enjoy the finest Lamborghini lifestyle as we move towards tomorrow that requires making electric cars a future.

Cyan Roadster will appear for the first time in Blu Uranus, which was specifically chosen by the Lamborghini Centro Stile Center in cooperation with the company's Ad Personam division, who work together with each Cyan customer to implement the full-color customization process. And the finishing touches that characterize his roadster.

By embodying the blue color of the sky and the greenery of the orchards, and improving the feelings of freedom and driving pleasure available through the 'Sian Roadster' convertible, the car comes equipped with wheels with a unique touch of the final Oro Electrum, a color chosen by "Lamborghini" to indicate the electrical aspect of the car.

The interior complementing the overall design is an elegant combination of white and Blu Glauco detailing with elegant aluminum elements in sparkling Oro Electrum, where the air vents are highlighted in the new design, which is produced by 3D printing and allows customization by including the initials From the customer's name.
The Lamborghini Sean Roadster emphasizes the future design of the coupe, but as a true Roadster, it inflates more refinement through the open-top cockpit. The top view of the Cyan Roadster mimics the iconic periscopio line style inspired by the first Contact, as it crosses diagonally from the cockpit to the back and connects distinctively to the aerodynamic airflow behind the driver and side passenger.

The sleek, long curves of the Sian and exclusive aerial wings give the Sean Roadster grants a “powerful, unmistakable shape.” The very low front of the car, incorporated in a carbon-fiber anchor, includes the iconic Y Lamborghini front lights...

The clean and organized design of the 'Cyan' is a clear expression of the vehicle's enhanced aerodynamic efficiency and technical strength, where the airflow is directed from the air separators through the front cover and then through the air intakes and the side air and over the rear wing, without any loss of vital aerodynamic efficiency due to the roadster design without the roof.

The efficient cooling vanes in the back use a unique scientific material technology that are patented by "Lamborghini", and the work of the rotors is stimulated by smart elements interacting with the heat generated by the exhaust system, which makes it spin and gives a stylish and lightweight cooling solution.

The aggressive, aggressive rear end of the car adopts the exciting Lamborghini hexagonal styling, including the Countach-inspired hexagon rear lights. The rear spoiler merges into the general shape and extends outward only while driving to increase performance levels.

Go on making electric cars and adopting hybrid technologies for a new future

The powerful lower chassis includes the next-generation V12 powertrain. The word 'Sán' in the local Polish polish means 'flash' or 'lightning', which refers to the process of making an electric 'Sean Roadster' as part of a future hybrid strategy, while maintaining the exceptional feelings and dynamic performance inherited in 'Lamborghini' cars Super sports with natural aspiration.

The Cyan Roadster's hybrid system provides the highest possible power through the lighter solution that combines the V12 with a new powertrain. A 48-volt 34-horsepower generator integrates with the gearbox to provide instant response and improved performance. The generator also supports low-speed maneuvers such as reverse and cornering via electric power.

The Cyan Roadster includes the innovative ultra-capacitor, which is the first technology in the world to store energy ten times more than the lithium-ion battery. By its position between the cockpit and the engine, it ensures the optimum weight distribution.

Thanks to its three times more power than the battery of the same weight, and its least three times its weight from a battery that produces the same energy, the electrical system with the supercapacitor and the generator weighs only 34 kilograms, thus achieving a distinct weight-to-power ratio of 1.0 kg/hp.

Identical energy flow will ensure the same efficacy in both the charge and discharge cycles, and thus it is the lightest and most efficient hybrid solution.

This advanced technology combines with the V12 engine, which includes titanium intake valves, which is further enhanced to generate 785 hp (577 kW) at 8,500 pm.

Combining this with the additional 34 horsepower and the power generated by the hybrid system, Cyan Roadster generates 819 horsepower (602 kW) and enables a top speed of over 350 km / h.

Lamborghini Cyan Roadster includes a new high-tech brake system developed specifically by Lamborghini. The symmetric behavior of the supercapacitor - which, unlike regular lithium-ion batteries, can be charged and discharged via the same energy - charges the entire Cyan energy storage system every time the car is braked.

This stored energy generates an instant boost of available power, which enables the driver to directly utilize the extra torque at acceleration, up to 130 km / h when the generator automatically detaches, which improves maneuverability and makes it 10 percent faster compared to a car without this system.

The innovative system also enables instant acceleration when traveling at lower speeds, with improved traction provided by the combination of the V12 and the hybrid system. Cyan Roadster can accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in less than 2.9 seconds.

The improvement in the maneuverability of the maneuvers is also more apparent. For example, the traction is improved by up to 10 percent when the third gear ratio is adopted.

Lamborghini Sean Roadster benefits from an enhanced level of driving comfort and availability across the hybrid system, along with dynamic control and performance. The moment of a sense of deceleration and torque loss is skipped by switching the couplings associated with the traditional ignition motor by providing the extra torque provided by the hybrid generator. Thus, the driver will feel the rear pull due to acceleration, while eliminating any uncomfortable vibration movements.