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Maserati announces the launch of this year's Master Maserati course

Maserati announced the launch of the 21st course of the Master Maserati program, including a comprehensive package of training courses on sports driving. This year’s course list includes 7 events (in various formats), which will take place at the Varano de 'Melegari circuit between July 3 - October 23, 2020. Program management has taken strict precautions and protocols to reduce health risks during activities, and to enable customers to Enjoy exercising within the highest levels of health safety. 

Master Maserati course
Master Maserati course

Over 20 years, the Master Maserati program has allowed its participants to drive all Maserati models. All participants in the program also have individual lessons offered by a group of professional drivers and personal trainers, in addition to detailed analytical videos and comprehensive support through the feature of remote data analysis. These courses are organized by Maserati in cooperation with Scuderia de Adamich, and this year the trainers' group has been expanded to more than 100 trainers from around the world. Scuderia de Adamich has been a partner and coordinator of the program since its inception in 1999, and this strong and enduring relationship year after year has resulted in the development of various methodologies and multiple training courses. 

As of this year, Master Maserati will provide at least 5 different types of courses; Four of them focus on driving in the racetracks of the Riccardo Paletti circuit in the town of Varano di Milligari. These courses are designed to suit different levels of competency and are conducted under the supervision of qualified ex-drivers. An additional course is devoted to companies seeking to develop and enhance their team spirit, taking advantage of the full benefits and the distinctive and enjoyable driving training offered by Master Maserati. The 2020 session for this year is witnessing the organization of a group course with packages that last for a day or two (depending on the coordination chosen) and a dedicated program that will be organized in the luxury shopping center in the neighboring village of Vedenza. Since 1999, the program has organized over 550 courses lasting more than 700 days on the circuit. 

More than 7,000 customers from more than 50 countries have had the opportunity to drive various Maserati models, including a large proportion - equivalent to 32% - of non-European Maserati fans; Especially from the countries of Asia and the United States. Since its launch, the program has witnessed driving about 30 different models of Maserati, and this year, the Levante Trofeo with its eight-cylinder engine and 580 horsepower will join the group of participating cars. 

The Master Maserati program includes the following courses: 

Master Maserati course

Pratice :

The half-day Practice program allows participants to drive the best sporty models among participating cars and test the super power, superior performance and driving pleasure that characterize the Maserati brand. The program includes training sessions with accompanying instructors, low-friction rooftop drills and videos of driving performance. At its conclusion, the program is witnessing an award ceremony. Date: July 3, September 8 and October 12 2020. 
Participants: Maximum 30 participants. Price: 790 euros, including VAT, and 100 euros, including VAT, for non-drivers visitors. 

Qualifying :

The Qualifying program lasts for a full day, and is being conducted in cooperation with the latest version of the Gran Turismo, Ghibli and Levante sports cars. The qualification program is more intensive than the introductory course, as it includes more sessions on vehicle speed control, laps, analytical video, and remote data analysis, allowing participants to improve their style and hone their driving skills. Date: July 23 and September 15, 2020 Participants: Maximum 30 participants Price: 1,950 euros, including VAT, and 100 euros, including VAT, for non-drivers visitors. Accommodation: 150 € including VAT. 

Race :

The Race program lasts for a full day, during which advanced level participants develop their skills, and discover the real performance on the track by driving Levante Trofeo, Levante S, Levante GTS, Ghibli S Q4, Gran Turismo and GT4 on the track. The program includes individual and in-depth sessions, fast laps, in-vehicle and on-the-road safety measures, as well as high-precision driving and performance on the track with the impressive Gran Turismo MC GT4. Date: October 8, 2020 Participants: 12 participants, maximum Price: 3,900 euros, including VAT, and 100 euros, including VAT, for non-drivers visitors. Accommodation: 150 € including VAT. 

Master :

extends the Master program for two full days and provides the highest level of driving experiences, during which the participants gain an in-depth knowledge about the Gran Turismo, Ghibli and Levante sports cars, in addition to the Gran Turismo GT4; The title of strength and durability. This program, which is considered as a university master's degree, offers a specialization in racing car driving technologies and includes custom components such as the driver's toolkit and laps accompanied by Andrea Bertolini; Four-time world champion in GT races, as well as advice from Med-Ex physiotherapist to help drivers overcome the stress and turbulence they face during the race. A special dinner for all drivers is scheduled for the end of the first day. Date: October 22 and 23, 2020 Participants: 12 participants, maximum Price: 4,950 euros, including tax