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A comprehensive review of the Kia Sportage


A comprehensive review of the Kia Sportage

About Kia and its definition:

The Kia company, since its establishment in 1944, did not start with the automobile industry, but it was known as the pipe industry, then it headed to the bikes

Kia Corporation is one of the oldest and largest car sales company in the world and Kia Motors Company occupies the second position in the auto industry in South Korea and Kia Motors Company is a subsidiary of Kia Huande Company and the company headquarters were well chosen and the city of Seoul was chosen and this city was chosen because of its features and there are In South Korea.

Then, the company headed to open a branch in the United States in the state of Georgia in 2006 at a cost of up to one billion US dollars, which led to the display of Kia cars heavily in the European car market.

The company did not stop there, but the company developed from itself until the number of its agents reached more than 4000 agents around the world.

About the Kia Sportage:

The new Kia Sportage car is spreading rapidly in the car market because of its attractive design and has brought a different design to a large extent and people had expected a sales boom for Kia because the exterior and interior design had been updated.

The Kia Sportage began its appearance on the ground in 1993, and then the company began developing it in the year of the second generation of the car in 2004, which lasted until the year 2010. The company produced the third generation of the Kia Sportage car from 2010 to the present time, the car still exists.

And we talk about the design of the car in terms of exterior design and interior design.

Exterior design of the Kia Sportage:

The car Kia Sportage came with an attractive modern design, but it was considered a subject of contention for others. Some people said that the design of the car is luxurious and distinctive, while others see that the design of the car does not fit a company the size of the Kia company compared to the designs of the company in the past few years and the most prominent thing that appears in the car in terms of adjustments It is the design of the headlights of the car, as the size of the lamp has become larger than the first. The lamp is equipped with an LED with fog lights that contain more lighting.

Interior design of the Kia Sportage:

As for the interior of the car, the interior design of the Kia Sportage was developed in a noticeable way to become more sophisticated and attractive as the car's sound insulation system was modified with a sunroof giving you the aesthetic shape with a large area with 5 seats available for 5 adults

Kia Sportage car specifications:

The car has most of the entertainment that is more than wonderful, and the car contains a power hub and center lock, and electric mirrors that shape the beauty and spacious places for storage in the front and rear doors of the car with the possibility of folding the back seat and the presence of front air conditioning and back air conditioning, and among the car accessories also contains a cup holder Front and rear cup holder and on the one hand the car audio contains a radio and CD and AUX entrance, a USB port with front fog lanterns that help in seeing in the Al Shabourah and a trip computer that helps you guide you to the right way and there is also in the car a front handrest and a back armrest and an alert system Against theft in the event of something abnormal.

Car engine specifications:

The car contains a motor 1600 cc, made in Slovakia, with an engine power of 140 hp, with a Steptronic transmission with 6 gears.

Kia Sportage vehicle safety features:

The car has a lot of safety means the car contains 2 airbags for the driver and front passenger and ABS anti-slip brakes with the presence of the EBD system responsible for the electronic distribution of the car in terms of brakes, and the car is excellently fixed on the road even at high speeds

Kia sportage car features:

The car is characterized by a high degree of safety
Capacity and luxury The car's salon is very spacious and luxurious and modern design
The car has a very strong thrill
Disadvantages of the Kia Sportage car:

The car consumes a large amount of fuel compared to cars in the same class
The car has a bad engine noise compared to the 2014 Sportage, but this does not affect the efficiency and quality of the car

Car Dimensions:

  • Height 4440 mm
  • Width: 1855 mm
  • Height 1855 mm
  • Weight: 1469 kg

And this review is a comprehensive review of Kia Sportage, everything that pertains to the car has been dealt with, starting from the company profile, then the car profile, then everything related to the car in terms of specifications, features, defects and dimensions of the car