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Action scenes cars in No Time to Die at Bond in Motion exhibition


Chris Corpold, special effects supervisor and action scenes cars

"No time to die" is the 15th James Bond movie in which Chris Corpold and his ninth film supervisor are involved in special effects.

"The Imaging Team was composed of about 20 technical experts whose work intersects with a number of engineers from Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover.

Initial conversations with Aston Mart and Jaguar Land Rover started in October 2018, and a lot of detailed conversations took place to discuss the film's requirements. Aston Martin has made eight modified DB5 cars, along with additional packages of parts capable of completing the rapidly escalating action movie in Matera. They also introduced three V8 cars as used in the movie "The Living Daylights" and two of the latest DBS Superleggera models.

"At the same time, discussions were under way with the company" Jaguar Land Rover "to produce the first group of eight new Land Rover Defender cars, a task that was carried out in secret because the design had not been revealed globally yet.

A number of DB5 and Defender cars are equipped with full anti-roll cages, safe fuel cells, firefighting systems, hydraulic hand brakes, battery insulators, rally seats, and five-point seat belts. Additions to Branch Bond's DB5 DB5 car feature include James Bond films M134 mini rifles appearing below the lower front lights, the traditional smokescreen, mines dropped from under the rear bumper and dashboard with LED lights that represent a contemporary embodiment For the version based on the 1964 movie "Goldfinger".

Other cars that played special roles in the movie include the James Bond Land Rover Series 3 character car, the Royal Alloy GT125 scooter used in Jamaica, and the Triumph Scrambler motorbike used in Matera.

I think the public will be excited to see the DB5 in extreme battle mode as it moves quickly between the historic Matera city roads in Italy. And since the city is built on the side of a hill, the balconies, roofs and gardens formed a natural scene for the scenes, and the residents applauded and cheered every time the iconic Bond car participated in the event.

Lee Morrison, Curator of Dangerous Scenes

"I'm the coordinator of Dangerous Scenes in" No Time to Die ", and I take charge of a team of 100 Dangerous Professionals. It's the fifth James Bond movie I take part in, and Dangerous Scenes get bigger and more ambitious every time.

All the cars used in the movie performed amazingly. We knew we wanted to achieve something special on the rough terrain and the new Defender was not disappointed. We made cars go through the most harsh conditions in a chase scene, and they did a great job.

Special adjustments were also made to the three Triumph Scrambler bikes and the Triumph Tiger 900 that we used to be able to withstand extreme action scenes in Norway and Italy, part of which can be seen in the movie's teaser. I am really proud of the dangerous scenes that we created, and I am also excited to see the reactions of the audience when the film was released. "

Mark Higgins, dangerous scenes driver
“I took charge of driving the DB5 cars in 'No Time to Die'. Eight identical cars were designed and built for the film, and each had a specific role in various arrangements, and the driving was great and fun.

We filmed in Italy for seven weeks in the summer. Matera is an amazing city, but its environment is challenging for stalkers because of its narrow paved roads, the difficulty of braking and the many people present at the place.

'No time to die' is James Bond's fourth movie. The work on it was amazing, and I can't wait to see the movie finalized in April. "