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Which is better buy from the Agent or the Exhibition

buy from the agent or the exhibition
buy from the agent or the exhibition

First - through the official agent

Second - through a distributor, and it may be an authorized distributor of an agency or an imported distributor.
 Third - Import directly from abroad, with certain external and internal specifications that may not be available to the agent or distributor and are often more expensive than the rest.


Benefits of buying from the agent

1 - He deals with the parent company directly, and as soon as he issues a new model in a specific car you can go directly to the agency to view it and learn about all the capabilities and luxuries, all the car categories and most of the colors as the percentage of manipulation of the category names is almost nonexistent and you will find the car with all the internal additions to it Without a decrease
2 - Obtaining a full car warranty and regular maintenance.

It is the higher price than the showroom, which in some cars may reach more than 10,000 riyals and perhaps you will wait for the car to arrive in the next shipment.

Benefits of buying from exhibitions

1 - They are through the dealer, the dealer, the cars inside the showrooms and in no way different from the cars at the dealer in the same categories, and the external and internal capabilities; But the difference is the price, where the exhibition is always less than the agent.

1 - Not all car categories or all options, exterior and interior colors are available, because the exhibition buys a limited amount of them.
2 - Some exhibitions do not provide you with a full guarantee with the dealer, and there is a percentage of manipulation of the categories by car at the exhibitions and internal and external additions to them such as "navigation screen", cruise control, mattresses, safety bag, rims, and seats, so you should make sure of all car category additions.