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All-New Ford Bronco Model 2021 Specifications and Prices.

All-New Ford Bronco Model 2021 Specifications and Prices.

The American Ford officially unveils the Bronco model, which is characterized by excellent crossing capabilities and equipment for unpaved roads, and the starting price suggested by the company for the car is $ 29.995, which equals 480,000 EGP without taxes, customs, or fees.

Motors and propulsion system.

The car is offered globally with two options of engines and two options of transmission, the first with a capacity of 2.7 liters and the second with a capacity of 2.3 liters.


As for transmission, the car is available globally with two options of transmission, the first option is the manual transmission consisting of 6 forward speeds.
The second option is the 10-speed automatic transmission.
Knowing that the car operates with a four-wheel drive system, with many different driving systems and diameters available that are suitable for unpaved road conditions .. The car has a number of 7 different driving systems, the most prominent of which is driving on sand, rock climbing, sliding lands And clay and mud.

Transit capabilities.

The highlight of this unique and different car is its distinctive transit capabilities.
The car sits on giant 35-inch wheels intended for unpaved roads, and the ground clearance of the car is 11.6 inches, equivalent to 29.5 cm.
With a descending angle of the slopes, its maximum angle measure is 37.2 degrees, and the ability to walk in water up to 33.5 inches in length, safely, is equivalent to a water pool of 85 cm height.

The interior has a classic outdoor spirit.

The four-door version offers a foldable fabric roof with ease to provide communication with the surrounding environment, while the two-door version offers a removable roof and back windows in three steps.

The car is presented internally with a dashboard and counters that are inspired by the first generation of the car completely, with solid and rough materials to provide tolerance for all the different operating conditions. The car also offers a 12-inch screen with a SYNC 4 touch screen system, and the ability to obtain updates via Air, and this screen is connected to a 360-degree surround camera system to provide a comprehensive view of all terrain on unpaved terrain.