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American cars that many hate


American cars that many hate .. Get to know each other

The American auto industry annually produces dozens of different car models, which makes them very diverse in what they provide to various consumers, which necessarily means that we will see beloved and hated cars, so today we will learn about several American cars that many hate.

Cadillac Cimarron

This car came as an attempt by General Motors to re-marketing the Chevrolet Cavalier as a luxury Cadillac, but this trick did not work with American consumers because the car quickly failed and the company is forced to withdraw it from the market.

Pontiac Aztec

It is true that the Aztecs had many good ideas as a spacious economic family car, but many of the factors of low quality and very ugly design failed in the eyes of many, which ultimately contributed to the disappearance of the Pontiac brand completely.

Ford Bento

This car was introduced in 1971 as Ford's first sub-compact car to the North American market, in what was considered a failed experiment, as it lacked aesthetic design, as it tended to explode in accidents and collisions.