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Audi e-tron


Audi e-tron is achieving sales increase and selling over 17,000 copies worldwide.

The Audi e-tron combines electric power and zero emissions with the Audi logo known for quality and luxury, as well as Audi, some bold statements about e-tron sales figures, describing them as the world leader in its class and the best-selling electric SUV in Europe.

This bodes well for all Audi e-tron models, such as e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback. According to Audi, global sales of e-tron increased 86.8% in the first half of 2020 compared to the same period last year, despite the effects of the epidemic. 17,641 e-tron electric cars were sold worldwide. In Norway, which has long shown a passion for electric vehicles, 92% of all Audi sales there were e-tron models.

It should be noted that the Tesla Model Y, which is expected to become the best-selling car for the American company, is scheduled to launch in Europe next year only when the Tesla plant is completed outside Berlin. Tesla Model X models sold 1,483 copies in Europe from January to April 2020. Audi did not release specific European sales numbers for e-tron, but in the first quarter alone, it sold nearly 8,000 units, more than five times the competitors Like the Jaguar I-Pace and Mercedes EQC.

In the United States, it sold 2,872 copies of the e-tron units in the first and second quarters of the year, compared to only 1,046 copies of the Jaguar I-Pace models. Audi reports that US e-tron sales jumped 50% compared to 2019.