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BMW faces those who tried early detection of M3 and M4 models!

BMW faces those who tried early detection of M3 and M4 models!

The German company BMW has published a teaser picture of what are believed to be the upcoming M4 and M3 models, and the two cars appear in a very dark and dark shadow, and only LED lights appear from them.

On the other hand, many car enthusiasts everywhere are accustomed to adjusting the teasers and trying to get any glimpses of that car's design, by using Photoshop, and here was the surprise!

One of the developers of these images tried to obtain any details of these cars through Photoshop, until he found that BMW had previously written on her car the phrase "good attempt", and on the other car the phrase "no".

In a clear and explicit reference from the company, to all those who try to spy or early detection of these cars, the company is ahead of you by a big step, if you think you are smart, we are smarter!

The matter spread among these specialists, the fire spread in the wild, and the magic turned against the magician, with an easy trick, simply.
It is assumed that these cars will be officially unveiled in September, and that they will be officially offered for sale in the showrooms, after a period of launch.
These cars are being tested on the Nurburgring.