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BMW i7 Electric Spy photos - all-new design

BMW i7 Electric Spy photos - all-new design

It is no longer hidden from anyone that competition in the electric car market has become very strong, especially after the entry of many powerful companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and other giant names, and it is also not new that spy photos of the electric version of BMW The seventh category, but oddly enough, is that the design of the car is completely different.

As the pictures that we published before, the electric version of the seventh category showed the same design as the internal combustion engine, with minor changes, but the pictures that were published today show a completely new design, which is expected to be a new generation or an updated version of the seventh category is expected Submit soon.

What supports this prediction is Mercedes Benz's announcement of its introduction to a whole new generation of the S-Class, the main and strongest competitor to the BMW 7 Series. Spy photos showed the new car, which is completely covered as a test model, but we were able to note the most important changes.

Many of which are focused on the front end, with a large grille, and headlamps in a lower place than the previous generation, with a design similar to the first generation of the eighth category, from the sides and like the new S-Class, we notice new door handles, which I expect to be mobile, Exits the chassis when used, and returns to its place to increase vehicle dynamics.

The photos also showed that BMW is testing a new generation of the autonomous driving system, by noticing many cameras installed on several sides of the car, and it is expected that the electric version of the seventh category will be presented with an electric motor of 650 hp, and it can cover a distance of 644 How much per charge, and the company has not confirmed any of this information yet, but it is expected that the official discovery of the i7 electric will start in the year 2022