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BMW offers the possibility to increase the equipment of its new car - through an update online!

BMW offers the possibility to increase the equipment of its new car - through an update online!

German BMW introduced several new models recently, such as the fourth category, and the fifth category, Elvis Lift, and others, and the most important additions and updates obtained by these cars, is the latest version of the operating system 7 operating system.

Today BMW announced the availability of a new service called "over-the-air feature activation", meaning that you can increase the specifications and equipment of the car through updates on the Internet even after its purchase, as the company explained that most of the new cars will contain the mechanical and physical part For most of the installations, and everything you will need is to activate it and program it through an update via the Internet.

Meaning that all cars will contain the parts required to operate equipment such as an adaptive cruise control, or automatic lights, or even equipment such as an adaptive sports suspension, and can be activated through coding via the Internet, and company representatives stated, that equipment such as seats With heating and cooling feature, automatic air conditioner, and electric control seats, you may be among the equipment that can be added and operated via online updates.

The company also explained that the reason for providing such a service might help some customers who did not expect that they needed certain equipment in the car, but after using it and living with the car, they decided that they needed some other equipment, and the company provides that without the need to purchase a new car Contains additional equipment.

Of course, this service will not be free, but BMW stated that this service can be tried for free for a month, and activated after that for a year or three years, and the company explained that it set a period for this service, because when selling the car to another owner, it may not be He needs the same supplies, and can choose another package that suits his needs most.