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BMW set records in new areas

The BMW M2 Competition virtual car aims to break records by cutting more than 87 straw mats with a blade in one minute, and punching more than 63 balloons with a laser beam in 60 seconds.

BMW set records in new areas

It was brought in a modified BMW M2 Competition to Cape Town; To implement these amazing challenges that are being held for the first time in the world. It is equipped with the same technology as the production model in addition to other tools, which are required in order to try to set records such as the high-power laser installed on the front of the car and the blade connected to the rear.

The track was prepared after careful planning and testing. Reed mats were spread in semi-circles to cut through the blade during brushing. As for the balloons, they were lined up along long straight paths. To allow a quick turn. Fans will immediately recognize the M shape they are taking, which is the most influential letter in the world.

Technically, the BMW M2 Competition has everything needed to break records. It is equipped with a new engine based on the engine used in the BMW M3 BMW M4 models. The straight drive generates 410 horsepower, is a six-cylinder and equipped with M TwinPower Turbo technology, and the car runs from zero to 100 km per hour in 4.4 seconds.

BMW set records in new areas

For the first time, BMW M2 drivers will be able to use two steering buttons; To choose the speed to adjust various engine features and settings as well as steering precision and Drivelogic functions directly, if the model is equipped with a dual M DCT transmission. In terms of design, the BMW M2 Competition shows its expressive aspect to a large extent: the modified front fender and the larger redesigned BMW grille, in a high-gloss black color, gives the vehicle a new, exclusive premium Hockenheim silver plating.

BMW M2 Competition performed as expected. In spite of the difficulty of this challenge, the high-performance sports car broke the records, and after only a few attempts, it cut 117 reed mat and punched 79 balloons and achieved both within a minute.