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Bugatti Chiron Power Sport special edition legend of speed cars


Bugatti Chiron Power Sport special edition legend of speed cars

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The world of auto GT USA has mentioned a report on Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, which is a special version of the legend of Chiron speed cars alternative to Bugatti Veyron, which our colleague has already tried to drive.

This exclusive new Bugatti was supposed to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2020 events, but this global event was canceled to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, may God protect us all, for the speed car to appear online and formally, which will enable us today to introduce you to the specifications that distinguish it. This supercar has been focused on providing additional aerodynamics and a more solid air suspension, and the response to these Chronos is improved when driving on turns quickly.

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The chassis of the new Powerport special edition of Bugatti Chiron has got 66% more solid front springs, the rear springs have been increased stiffness by 33%, and the car has an adaptive damping system. The newest Chiron cars come from the outside with special touches on the front end that distinguish them and make them provide more aerodynamic through larger ventilation holes, and the grill with a horseshoe design made of carbon fiber Viper has become larger, and from the back, some changes also include a wing wider by 1.9 meters provides more downforce, as there are new titanium exhaust manifolds printed in 3D technology.

Mechanical specifications for the Bugatti Chiron Power Sport: This special edition supercar relies on the same basic model mechanics as the W16 8-liter engine with four turbochargers generating 1479 hp (1500 PS European PS) and 1600 Nm of torque, communicates with Automatic transmission has improved its response by 15%, which made the French car gain better flexibility by 40%.

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The Sherwin Power Sports car runs on special wheels that are 16 kg lighter in weight, which reflects positively on improving the dynamics of this vehicle, as it provides better ventilation for the car's brakes, and these wheels are surrounded by specially developed wheels from Michelin company in front size 285/30 R20 and The successor 355/25 R21, and the car got new titanium brakes and lighter brake discs, which made the weight of this exclusive car is 19 kg less overall than the base model.

After we introduced you to this special issue, we would like to inform you that the French company Bugatti, owned by the Volkswagen Group, will make only 16 copies of Bugatti Chiron Power Sport, and the price of one car is 3.2 million euros, equivalent to $ 3,568,805