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Each character has a suitable car color

Each character has a suitable car color

The energetic and innovative personality, which follows an unorthodox way of dealing with matters, prefers the dark colors of her car, according to psychologists and behavior experts. As for the sense of humor and the beautiful spirit, which is far from being expensive, you look for practical colors in this context. A woman who loves freedom loves to carry her car in a light and vibrant color, while the character who likes to draw the attention of those around her prefers a color such as gold, black, dark red or royal white for her car.

 A practical woman whose personality has a balance between rationality and emotional preference for light colors, such as white, gray and blue for her car. As for those who do not blindly follow the fashions of fashion, they are keen to choose the black or dark red color of their car.
The character, who controls herself and tends to show her fun and bold side, usually buys a car in black, dark gray, or dark brown color.