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Chevrolet logo .. What is its meaning and how did it develop?

Chevrolet is one of the most famous American car brands in the world, focusing on providing cars of acceptable quality and low price, and today we will get to know the meaning of its famous emblem that takes the form of a plus sign or + in golden yellow or sometimes shiny black color.

The distinctive Chevrolet emblem appeared for the first time in 1914, drawn in a simple and somewhat rudimentary way, to combine white and gray colors, while writing the name of the brand inside it between an upper and a lower line, to transform in 1934 to a completely black background with the use of a more bold appearance.

While the logo evolved again in 1942 to come in a metallic form with the name of the brand in silver and then pass several other modifications before we get the general shape of the current logo in 2000 in the form of a plus sign-extended from both sides in gold and a silver outer frame.
Regarding the meaning of the emblem, the documents refer to the announcement of Mrs. Catherine, wife of Billy Durant, a co-founder of Chevrolet, that her husband was inspired by the emblem of another logo and found it randomly in one of the magazines he was reading while on vacation.

This is, however, the reality of the logo was deeper than that, as it was later discovered that this logo belongs to an American company that was called the American Compressed Coal Company.

And the logo that Pelly saw was for one of its products of the highly flammable charcoal that was used as one of the fuels of heating systems, and here was decided to choose a logo inspired by that product to indicate the power of Chevrolet engines to burn the fuel and generate sufficient force for movement.