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China's first smart electric car

China's first smart electric car

China unveiled a new car created by former employees of the German automaker BMW and American company APPLE Technology, mobile phones and smart watches.

According to the British BBC, the Chinese company Biton has produced a very smart new electric car with unique specifications, giving its interior the feeling of being in a futuristic futuristic car.

The company behind them hopes that in the future people will care more about digital power than horse power.

Giant screen

Jeff Chung, head of the Smart Car Experience section at Peyton, says: “We have a huge screen display that runs almost to the entire front space behind the wheel, which is in front of the driver and who is sitting next to it. It is bright white during the day, but at night it turns into another shape; So as not to distract the driver.

This screen is called the "digital hall". It can be controlled with touch, sound, prediction and visual gestures known as: Minority Report

There is also a computer in the middle of the steering wheel, while an additional screen can be found on the back of each front seat.

China's first smart electric car

As for the main screen, it can show many features like videos, calendars, mapping, health data and many more.

If you are sitting in the car, the internal cameras determine your personality and upload your profile, and adjust the position of the driver's seat and other other tools to be appropriate.

When the car is converted to full or stationary self-driving mode, the front seats can be relocated to one another facing more comfort.

Mr. Chung stressed that all the features of the car can be accessed by touch, and through the driver's tablet computer in the steering wheel, all the functions he wants can be entered with reference only.

China's first smart electric car

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