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The best ways to clean the car air conditioner


Learn in detail the best ways to clean the car air conditioner

clean the car air conditioner

Initially, the components of the conditioner must be identified, as it consists of a compressor or compressor and withdraws the freon gas from the evaporator and its pressure, the condenser which condenses the gas to become a pressurized liquid evaporator as it turns the freon liquid into a gas after the pressure is removed, the dryer and its role lies in storing the freon refrigerant The separation of moisture and impurities from the liquid is the expansion valve, which works to release the pressurized freon air conditioner liquid into the evaporator, and finally the throttle tube which is the separation point between high and low pressure between the condenser and the evaporator and is always installed in the tubes and contains a filter to prevent the passage of impurities and dirt.

Here are the steps for cleaning the car air conditioner :

Remove the filter (air filter) from its position, then clean it with air, and its location can be easily reached via the car guide.
Over time, a lot of dirt, dust, and dead insects accumulate on the filter, so that in order to remove the traces of these insects and germs, bring a container with an appropriate amount of Dettol, then spray the Dettol onto the filter, put it inside the bowl, and clean it.

Learn how to clean the car's air vents :

Use the manual dust brush to clean the air conditioner nozzles.
Clean the air intake nozzles and spray them with antibacterials and fungi.
Finally turn on the car, then turn on the car air conditioner and set the fan to the maximum degree, then leave it for a time period of up to ten minutes, and then turn off the air conditioner while keeping the fan in the operating position for another five minutes, to confirm the work of the air conditioner efficiently and expel any residue in it.

It should be noted that it is necessary to use fluids in cleaning the car's air conditioner carefully, and it is always preferable to use air or a wet towel.

clean the car air conditioner

What is the way to clean the car air conditioner pipes?

Pipes can be cleaned from the outside using a wet towel, but inside the pipes you can leave the matter to the cleaning fluid.

This is how to clean the car air conditioner refrigerator :

Sure, cleaning a car air conditioner is easy, but a part has become cleaning the car air conditioner refrigerator, as it is located under the car plate, so access to it is cumbersome and costly, as many parts must be removed. But recently, many cleaning fluids have appeared, which contribute to the cleaning and disinfection process without the need to disassemble the car drum.

For cleaning, place the spray nozzle in the air vent of the air conditioner, which is located under the spaces, and then spray the spray several times, turn on the car, and turn on the air conditioner to ensure that the liquid enters the air conditioner cycle. There are many examples of cleaning fluids that can be used, such as:

  • Saco Car Air Conditioning Cleaning Spray
  • Liqui Moly air conditioner cleaning spray