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Tips for cleaning your car engine

cleaning your car engine

The engine cleaning process begins whenever you drive your vehicle; A lot of dirt accumulates in the car engine, as it is exposed to all environmental factors associated with driving in wet weather or during storms, which requires every driver to clean the car engine regularly. In this article, we will learn how to clean a car engine inside and out.

The importance of cleaning a car engine:

The process of cleaning the car engine routinely keeps it in good condition and helps to track any gasoline leaks in addition to many benefits, which are:

Reducing engine fires by cleaning the engine as it removes pollutants that can be ignited due to the maximum operating temperatures of the engine and thus ensuring safe driving.

Extending engine life by cleaning the engine that protects it from rust or allowing internal entrances, outlets and passages to be blocked, which reduces performance drop as a result and increases the overall life of the car engine.

Keep track of any leaks due to accumulation of dirt and dust, getting rid of these dirt can help save repair and exchange costs.

The engine cleaning process helps remove impurities from the engines, specifically the effects of old oils, which in the event they are not removed, turn into oxidants, which greatly harm the engine of the car.

Make sure to cool the engine before applying or applying any products to clean the engine. If you are cleaning the engine on a warm day, open the hood for a few minutes to reduce engine temperatures.

Exterior car engine cleaning:

Make sure the engine is cool and wear eye shields and gloves.

Remove transportation from the battery so that it does not cause the valve to explode or damage some electrical components.

Sprinkle the engine from the outside with the top-to-bottom grease removal, and the grease can remove the transparent paint of the engine so don't overuse it.

Use a hard brush to get rid of any leaking oils, burnt oils, or lime.

Wash the engine with low pressure hose from back to front to remove all grease and dirt, while not approaching electrical components and in locations that are difficult to dry easily.

Dry the engine with a cloth or blower to drain excess water.

Steam car wash:

Steam was an important element in cleaning the car engine due to its effectiveness and sterilization power and removes stains from the upholstered seats as soon as possible and with a small amount of water and can clean the car inside and outside, engines, tires and other places difficult to clean by traditional methods. Steam engine car wash uses a steam jet to wash and clean the engine inside and out as it is completely safe for all car surfaces in general, which gives shine without any scratches through hot steam generated from steam jets enough to remove any grease or dirt and produces enough pressure to break the dirt and gentle enough It is enough to not damage any elements of the car engines, and the car engine can be steam washed by following these steps:

Make sure the engine is cooled and the connections and main electrical sensors like the generator and valve box are protected with plastic bags.

Remove large dirt such as tree leaves and debris.

Apply a degreaser before using the steam to melt the grease slightly.

Use steam to clean the engine with the steam jet settings properly adjusted, put steam on dirty areas and make sure that the dirt is completely dissolved.

Use steam to rinse all parts of the engine, and then wipe off the water with a cloth.


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