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Clear spy photos for the all-new Mercedes-Benz GWagen 4x4 Squared

Clear spy photos for the all-new Mercedes-Benz GWagen 4x4 Squared


Mercedes-Benz GWagen is one of the oldest and most powerful cars in the luxury SUV category, which introduced the all-new generation recently, and the 4x4 Squared off-road version is one of the most important copies that were provided from the previous generation of GWAGEN, and today clear spy photos appeared Quite an entirely new generation 4x4 Squared version.

At first glance you will think that the new 4x4 Squared did not differ much from the previous generation, but this is not true as the new GWagen was built on a new wheelbase with a completely new design, from the outside and the inside.

The 4x4 Squared version differs from the standard GWagen in large sports wheels with huge off-road tires, in addition to huge front and rear fenders, front and rear bumper more powerful new design, in addition to lighting the LED lighting strips in the front bumper, in addition to that a loading rack On the roof, and all these additions to help the car to carry out its only mission, which is to cross rough roads with ease.

So far, no information has been published regarding the engine, nor has it been confirmed whether it will be presented with a version of the G63 AMG or not, as the first generation of 4x4 Squared was introduced with a version of G500 only, but in the case of presented with a version of AMG, the new 4x4 Squared will get a 4.0-cylinder engine of 4.0 A liter of twin turbo with a power of 585 hp and 850 Nm of torque.

Mercedes-Benz has not announced the date for the introduction of the new GW 4x4 Squared, but it is expected to be introduced in the next few months.