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Science saves you when you forget the keys inside the car


forget the keys inside the car
forget the keys inside the car

Of course all of us were exposed to this situation, to lock the car and forget the keys inside, and your husband may accuse you of neglect, but the fact is that the dilemma is costly for time and effort to overcome the situation, and then you can enter into an unending argument with your dear husband when he describes you as negligent .

Now the Chinese Energetics or what is known as the "Feng Shui" place card tells you this way in order to save yourself from the position of forgetting the keys inside the car and closing them:

  • If you have a spare key at home, and the key contains a remote control.
  • Call anyone who is at home, even if the housemaid is.
  • Ask this person to stick the remote control onto their mobile phone.
  • Ask this person to press the door open button on the remote control while in the same position.
  • At this point, radio waves will transfer from his mobile phone to your phone even if you are hundreds of kilometers away from home.
  • The waves will transfer from your phone to the car door and open quickly.
  • So you have to place the remote control with the spare key at home.