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Genesis GV80 Model 2021


Genesis GV80 Model 2020

When thinking about buying a luxury SUV, we might immediately imagine a Mercedes or BMW and perhaps even Audi, but few really envision a luxury SUV rather than German or European, until the all-new Genesis GV80 Model 2020, which introduces technologies Not even available in the most expensive and luxurious SUV cars in the world, which makes them deserve the title of black horse par excellence, especially as Genesis continues to work to provide the highest possible value for the price in a class full of cars that exceeds half a million riyals or more.

the design

The luxury SUV Genesis GV80 Model 2021 is characterized by a very distinctive and elegant design, which begins in the language of design with the front facade of LED lights in the form of 4 slim strips separated from each other quadruple with built-in daytime lights and side turn signals, and these lamps surround a front grille that takes Diamond shape to increase the expression of total luxury.

The Genesis GV80 Model 2021 is further upgraded through prominent side fenders with glossy chrome accents and the lower silver strip on the sides of the front bumper, the doors on the bottom and the rear bumper, so that it looks like the car is completely covered from the bottom, and from the back we find LED lights separate from each other in a way that is consistent with the headlights In addition to the presence of a wing integrated into the roof with a slight inclination to the rear, the rear bumper also includes two exhaust tubes with nozzles that take the shape of a diamond as well for consistency between the various design elements inside and outside the car.

Cabin and technologies

The luxury of Genesis GV80 2021 paper stands out within its luxurious leather-trimmed cabin, with a dashboard with a long, distinctive air-stripe, in addition to the driver's seat enjoying the first technology in the world working across 7 air cells to reduce the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion from sitting and driving for long periods In addition to supporting the changing of the position of the first and second row seats in several directions to obtain the maximum level of comfort, while there are high levels of spaciousness for the seven-seat passengers in the three rows with ventilation and heating for the seats and the steering wheel.

As for the technologies, they reveal more about the leadership of the 2021 model GV80 that comes with many technologies that appear for the first time in the world, what begins first with a long intermediate information entertainment screen that is the largest in its class measuring 14.5 inches that can be controlled via a touchpad in the center console with support Handwriting recognition to facilitate its control, while behind the wheel there is the world's first 3D digital meter screen, which does not need glasses to see the 3D effect because it works by displaying two parallel images to obtain this effect, whose angle of view is adjusted through A camera that monitors the driver’s eyes to change the position of the image of the meters, and the camera also warns the driver if his eyes have been busy with meters for a long time instead of the road.

In addition, the cabin also includes the first interactive noise-resistant sound system in any car in the world, where it works to identify the source of external noise and monitor the wavelength of sound, then broadcast an external sound that resists those waves to prevent sound from reaching the ears of passengers by jamming it, to As well as supporting 3D navigation technologies by displaying navigation instructions on the road video in front of the vehicle interactively.


Genesis GV80 Model 2021 has not yet received any safety tests, but it will undoubtedly surpass all of them because it carries a full arsenal of safety and security systems and driver assistance, and the most important of these systems, which may be the first of its kind in the world is that an intelligent cruise control system works with intelligent technologies The artificial is able to learn the driver's driving style, so that the navigation system connected to the cruise control over time helps the driver choose the safest roads for his driving style.
As for other advanced safety technologies, they include monitoring and avoiding potential collisions in front and back while monitoring the level of driver attention to the road and maintaining the path while helping to stay and alert when leaving it, with a corner assistant to avoid collisions and obstacles at the parking lot, with an air suspension system with a camera that recognizes On the type of terrain to adapt to and avoid collision with any pitfalls that the driver may not notice, in addition to a semi-auto highway driving assistance system that can change the path automatically once the driver turns the turn signal.

Engine and price

This Genesis GV80 Model 2021 will come with two engine options, the first being the 4-cylinder 2.5-liter turbo with 300 horsepower and 422 Nm of torque, and the second V6 turbo 3.5-liter with 375 hp and 530 Nm of rear or all-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission, in When it is expected that its prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will start at approximately 190,000 riyals, and that it will be launched soon in our markets, as it will provide an amazing value for its price that does not exceed the price of a simple small crossover of one of the luxury brands.