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Hyundai displays the Future Car that can walk and crawl over heights

Hyundai displays the Future Car that can walk and crawl over heights

The competition between car companies is hot and exciting in the beginning of each new year. Where companies are competing in the creation of pioneering special technologies of some kind in some of their models.

In the beginning of the new 2019, the South Korean company, Hyundai, presented its first car that can “walk,” “walk,” and crawl, making it combine the car and the robot at the same time, and qualifies it according to the aspirations of its creator to be the car of the future. Unusual hacks in disasters and crises.

The "Hyundai Turtle" car appeared, and it is based on 4 lists, according to the "NDTV" and "BBC News".

Hyundai said the four menus help the driver navigate any difficult terrain that anyone could encounter; This makes them ideal for transporting in rough places, or for people with special needs.

It can also be used in emergency and disaster events, to reach difficult terrain and to carry out possible relief and rescue missions. A spokesman for the South Korean company, said that Hyundai has officially adopted the basic technology for the work of this car, and will soon begin its formal manufacture.

Hyundai released a video clip, moving easily on various types of terrain, from smooth surfaces to sharp surfaces to rock.

The videos also show that the "Hyundai Turtle" car can walk in any direction, bypassing the places of drilling and gaps of up to 5 feet, and to climb any high altitude.
Hyundai said: The new car from Hyundai can run in two different ways, the first is called "reptile mode", and it moves like a lizard, and the second is "mammal position" that supplies its legs to move like a human.

It is expected that the new car will receive the attention of relief and humanitarian institutions that need it in the event of disasters, earthquakes, real estate and snow collapses, and even torrents in difficult rescue operations.