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Jeep publishes the first official video clip of the hybrid version of Wrangler

Jeep publishes the first official video clip of the hybrid version of Wrangler

There is no doubt that the Jeep Wrangler is in an unenviable position, especially after the reduction of its safety rating, and the emergence of a fierce competitor in the class of off-road SUVs, the all-new Ford Branco, which was recently unveiled.

But it is clear that Jeep will not leave the competition easily, as before the Branco was unveiled, Jeep unveiled a version of the Wrangler eight-cylinder engine, with a power of 392 hp, and immediately after the official disclosure of the competition car, Jeep published a video clip showing the hybrid version of Wrangler, Which first appeared in January, known as 4xe. 

The 15-second video clip showed a Jeep Wrangler electric vehicle while crossing an unpaved road, in complete silence as usual for electric cars, and the company announced that it would announce more information and reveal the Wrangler electric later this year.


Jeep has not published much information about the power system in the Wrangler Hybrid, but we expect it to consist of a well-known 3.6-liter 6-cylinder engine from Wrangler, as well as a battery pack in a protected part at the rear of the car between the exhaust system and the wheel hub.
Jeep did not announce either, if this system would be available in the only two-door version of Wrangler, or even in the Gladiator version, but we expect it to be available as well, as the three versions are similar in terms of mechanical design.