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Koenigsegg Jumeirah 2021


Koenigsegg Jumeirah 2021 Review: Four-seat Swedish hypercar!

High-performance, high-speed and high-speed cars always come with only two seats from the European continent, but 2021 Koenigsegg Gemera Koenigsegg Gemera 2021 comes to be different from that by providing 4 interior seats despite maintaining a two-door sporty design with a hybrid drive system and a lot of power, so Our date today with its review.

the design

Koenigsegg Jumeirah 2021 carries the traditional Swedish design language that relies on a simple futuristic look, although it has a more modern front end with a distinctive front grille in the form of a pressurized arc from the center, along with slim LED headlamps and a tilted hood with sporty wheels Large side cameras instead of mirrors.

In addition to this, the Koenigsegg Jumeirah 2021 comes with a carbon fiber body with huge side and rear ventilation ports and a compact rear spoiler with a large dual rear diffuser and overhead exhaust pipes.

Cabin and technologies

Inside the Koenigsegg Jumeirah 2021 we see a very simple and elegant cabin, which shows the dashboard of the low middle part of the giant information entertainment screen next to the digital meters screen behind the wheel with the display of the most important performance information such as racing cars, while displaying various other information on the middle screen, with control The colors yellow and black on the cabin.

At the same time, we see sporty seats par excellence in support of the back and sides of various passengers, where on the headrests there is a Koenigsegg emblem with the flag of Sweden below, while the seat structure is carbon fiber used in many decorations throughout the cabin.

As with luxury cars, Koenigsegg Jumeirah 2021 comes with a rear center entertainment screen, along with several other advanced technologies such as a three-zone air conditioner, a luxurious 11-speaker sound system, Apple Car Play support with multiple USB ports, and two wireless phone chargers with a luggage bag. Back pack of 3 suitcases, and 1 front bag of 1 suitcase.


Looking at the Koenigsegg Jumeirah 2021 designed to be a hypercar suitable for daily use, we find that it is exceptionally concerned with the technologies of daily driving safety, which appears with the presence of 6 smart air bags and smart safety belts with a pre-collision system in addition to two fire extinguishers and many advanced systems such as a camera Rear and tire pressure level monitoring and stability control system with automatic emergency brake and front and rear sensors.


This Koenigsegg Jumeirah 2021 comes with a hybrid engine consisting of a 3-liter gasoline engine of 2 liters with a power of 600 hp to be the strongest of its kind, which is related to three electric motors divided on the rear wheels and the engine column to generate a power of 1,100 hp, thus the total power is 1700 hp with torque Up to 3500 Nm with a top speed of 402 km with four-wheel drive and steering contribute to 0-100 km / h acceleration in 1.9 seconds.