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Lamborghini Yacht - 4000 HP!

Lamborghini Yacht - 4000 HP!

This is not the first time that a car company has cooperated with a maker of luxury boats and yachts to make a yacht inspired by a car. Honda presented a yacht inspired by the design of its NSX sports cars, and other companies. Today, the sports car maker Lamborghini announced the introduction of a yacht New as The Tecnomar.

Lamborghini presented the luxury yacht through cooperation with the Italian Sea Group, which specializes in manufacturing luxury yachts, and Lamborghini announced that the design of the yacht is inspired by its supercar hybrid Sian, and this is strongly demonstrated in the design of the new yacht.

The similarity was not limited to the design only, but the company stated that the new yacht was built on a construction base dedicated to high-performance fast yachts, and an interior designed and built by the Lamborghini Ad Personam program division, which specializes in providing cars with special equipment and colors upon request. .

As the glass roof resembles the yacht, convertible Lamborghini cars, and a rear design with lights resembling the super SIAN, the interior of the Tecnomar has sporty and ground seats in yellow accents, a digital dashboard, a steering wheel, and the engine start button, users in Super Lamborghini cars.

Like the Lamborghini Avantador SVJ 63 Special Edition, only 63 copies of this luxury yacht will be made, which has two 12-cylinder engines, 4,000 horsepower, which enables the yacht that weighs 24 tons and is 20 meters long, to reach a top speed of 60 knots (112). what time is it ) .

The yacht will be available for sale on the market in the beginning of 2021, and Lamborghini has not announced the price yet, but it is certain that it could reach several million dollars.