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Launch of the Volkswagen Arteon Face Lift in 20216.

Launch of the Volkswagen Arteon Face Lift in 2021.

The German Volkswagen launched the Arteon in its improved version of 2021, in its regular version and the station wagon, and that car was presented for the first time completely in 2017, and we witnessed its arrival in Egypt at the "Automatic Forma" exhibition in 2018 .. in the report The following we will review in detail the updates and changes in that version from the previous version.

External updates.

The car got some updates to the front of the car, the most prominent of which is the type of LED lighting line in the front and connecting between the headlights, with many bright chrome lines and ventilation holes.

The "Fastback" version is distinguished from the "Station Wagon" version on the back end of the car, so that the "Fastback" version is curved downward to present the car in its modern, luxurious "coupe" image.

Internal updates.

As for the interior, it had the lion's share of updates, as the car got a new multi-tasking steering wheel, and it is equipped with buttons that operate with the touch feature, and an information system that supports Apple Car Play and Android Auto, with a luxurious sound system provided by Harman Kardon firmly 700 Watt, made specifically for this particular vehicle.

Also available is a dim interior lighting feature, you can choose between 30 different colors.

Driving assistance up to 210 km / h.

Thanks to the continuous development of the auxiliary systems in driving, the car can move from complete silence to a speed of 210 km / h with the benefit of driving assistance, so that the car can reduce and increase the speed automatically according to the speed of the road, and stop to complete silence if the cars stop in front of it, With driving on curves and hills up and down, and finally interfering with automatic stops at slow speeds, and identifying the sights in front of the car.