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Lexus RX 350 2020 review great car model


Lexus RX 350 2020 review

Lexus RX 350 2020

Lexus RX 350 2020 is a strong entry into the mid-size SUV segment, offering spacious and comfortable cabs and excellent build quality. But we have missed the unknown driving experience of this generation and the console of the infotainment system. Lexus hopes this year's RX improvements correct these shortcomings.

Lexus claims to have suspended the suspension again and tightened the bodywork to give the RX a slightly sporty feel when cornering, while maintaining maximum driving comfort. The F Sport suspension system - which previously led to more difficult driving than the minimum performance gains - was also changed.
Lexus RX 350 2020

Inside the cabin, Lexus replaced the mouse-like control with a new trackpad. It is better but it is still difficult to get distracted while driving. The display is also new. It is now a touchscreen, which means you can avoid using the trackpad by tapping on the menus and the various buttons. Lexus has also moved the screen about 6 inches closer to the driver, so access to the screen does not require stretching. Finally, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also present as standard equipment this year. These changes go a long way in improving the technical credit of the RX 350.

Lexus RX 350 2020 is more competitive than ever, with drastic improvements in quality of life that make it a more interesting purchase than last year's model. Previously, the RX was also operated in the mid-range luxury crossover category and graduated in a respectable offer in the category.
Lexus RX 350 2020

Which RX 350 is recommended by Edmonds?
Although we prefer more aggressive but still comfortable F Sport sports seats, the Lexus RX 350 base is almost more and appeals to a larger group of buyers. The mobility package deserves to be acquired as it adds a crisp 12.3-inch screen, an improved sound system and onboard navigation when your adventures take you to local places with intermittent cellular service.
Lexus RX 350 models
Lexus RX 350 2020 is available in basic and F Sport versions. Both are equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine (295 hp, 267 pounds of torque) coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The front-wheel drive system is standard, all-wheel drive is optional.

The base is equipped with functions such as power lifters, automatic dual zone air conditioning, simulation of the leather upholstery, automatic adaptive speed control, a series of safety devices for driving (Lexus' Safety System + 2.0) , an 8-inch touchscreen and a nine-sound system. Also this year the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is standard.
Lexus RX 350 2020

Two packages are available, Premium and Luxury, to improve the list of RX features. Notable extras include the sunroof, larger wheels, heated and ventilated front seats and leather upholstery.

The F Sport includes content from the premium package, as well as a sporty exterior, sport suspension, sporty front seats and unique interior finishes. The optional F Sport Performance package adds adaptive suspension dampers and specially adjusted steering.

For both versions, Lexus offers a navigation package that offers a navigation system, a larger 12.3-inch touchscreen, a 12-speaker sound system or an optional Mark Levinson 15-speaker system. Other noteworthy options are blind spot monitoring, electrically folding second row seats and a hands-free rear door.