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Modified Mustangs that deserve to be seen

    Mustang cars are among the first muscle cars ever, where some indicate that it is the car that started the idea of ​​making small sports cars with high performance engines with a low price, and it has been 56 years now, and despite having obtained a huge number of models and copies, Today we will get to know some of the most amazing versions of its modified versions from different companies.

    This premium version of Mustang comes from the British company Clive Sutton Modifications, and it has an amazing power of 825 hp with a top speed of 153 km / h, while it also has a distinct acceleration performance from 0 to 100 km / h in only 3.8 seconds.

    This car appeared at the Sima modified car show in Las Vegas in 2010, as it is designed with a very attractive and attractive design thanks to its bright red exterior paint inspired by the color of racing cars, with the addition of high-performance brakes and an updated suspension system.

    This premium version of the Ford Mustang was made to honor Joe Jusinski, who was a senior car-adjusting specialist, who was killed in his workshop, using the same Supercharger engine that Joe used in his last car.