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Nissan Aria - Nissan's first fully electric crossover

Nissan Aria - Nissan's first fully electric crossover

The ancient Japanese manufacturer, "Nissan", today announced the "Aria" model, which is considered the first fully electric model of the crossover classification of Nissan, and the car will start selling officially in the State of Japan first in the middle of the year 2021, and later in the United States of America, An expected price starts from 40,000 USD, which is equivalent to 640,000 EGP without any taxes or fees.

Engine and drive system.

The car will be offered globally with four options of engines and two options of propulsion systems, the first option is four-wheel drive, and the second option is the second wheel drive.


The total length of the car is 4.595 mm, the total width of the car is 1.850 mm, 1.655 mm, the wheelbase length is 2.775 mm, and the total weight of the car starts from 1.900 kg to 2.200 kg depending on the version.

The exterior design of the car.

We note that the design of the car is very close to being a test version, and if you are a fan of test designs you will love this design very much, the future of the car with very sharp lines and slim lights, and a V-shaped front grille.

From the side profile of the car, we notice that the rear pillar is highly curved with a design closer to the Coupe, passing through the rear section of the car, which contains a cross line of LED type lighting, with relatively thick lights and roof air diffuser.

The interior design of the car.

The cabin contained two large-sized internal screens connected to each other for viewing and playing multimedia, with a quiet cabin less vocal than the exterior design of the car, with a two-wheel steering wheel equipped with buttons to control the various functions of the car.