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Official Disclosure of the all-new Mercedes Benz S Class infotainment System – five screens!

Official Disclosure of the all-new Mercedes Benz S Class infotainment System – five screens!

After seeing many of the sensational images of the whole new generation, today Mercedes officially unveiled the all-new S-Cass information system, which came with the latest version of the Mbux system. And with a completely new design compared to the previous generation.

The company did not fully disclose the car, or even the rest of the cabin. Mercedes Benz revealed only the information system in the all-new SKAS.

As we have mentioned, there is no similarity between the new information system in the S-Cass, with the old system, where the control buttons are reduced by 27 buttons. All vehicle features are controlled by the large, touch screen, wiMercedes Benz also announced that the all-new Sclas could be purchased with five screens, the first is a digital instrument panel, a very large middle screen, two screens in the back of the seats, and a tablet at the end of the central console. In addition to the new Head up Display, the total size of the new S-Cass monitors is 77 inches.

The new Head up Display, with the "augmented reality", operates The system, which is used in several things, including the navigation system, helps the driver to reach the desired location by providing a detailed explanation on the front information brief buttons at the bottom, which control things like air conditioning, voice commands and other objects.

Mercedes Benz also announced that for the first time, the driver's digital instrument panel of 3D, which does not need special glasses, is being introduced because Mercedes has developed a new technology, consisting of a camera mounted inside the instrument panel that measures the distance between the driver's eye. The screen looks like 3D screens, and makes it easy for the driver to be clear from all directions.

Mercedes Benz also announced that the new voice command system could understand more than 27 different languages. Rear seat passengers can also use the system, and objects such as heated, cooled, or power seat massage can be operated via the monitor and voice commands, instead of the buttons installed on the doors in the previous generation.

In addition to all these new technologies, the all-new S-Cass monitors have been introduced in more crisp, natural colors, plus 30% lower energy consumption, compared to the screens used in the previous generation of S-Cass, as well as being able to be updated via the Internet, It has a 320-gigabon interior.