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Peugeot is a company with French origins founded in the year 1842 AD and was initially specialized in the manufacture and production of mills for grains such as wheat and coffee, and then moved to the field of bicycle manufacturing in the late nineteenth century AD, Peugeot was founded in 1842 as we mentioned before by its owner who He calls (Peugeot Citroen) and he is the founder of the Peugeot and Citroen companies, which were completely separate companies, then in 1974 Peugeot Company acquired about 38% of Citroen and this percentage went crazy, as it reached nearly 90% of Citroen, and this is only two years after In the year 1976.
The founder of the company, the French capital, Paris, has taken a place for his global headquarters near the famous Concorde Hotel.
With this, we are finished with a quick presentation of the company's history. Below is a picture showing the Peugeot logo that appears in the form of a lion.

Exterior design:

Peugeot 3008 was distinguished by one of the most luxurious, finest and best Peugeot company designs ever. It is a style of large family car SUV, and Peugeot was able to truly surpass itself by launching this design that is less than it is said that it embodies an excellent artistic painting that gives those who possess it a feeling of pride, pleasure and luxury
Let's start, as usual, with the ... Design introduction:
This part is considered the best, which really highlights the luxury of the 3008, especially the totally unconventional headlamp shape, which comes sharply and sword-like in addition to the LED type.
As for the front ventilation grille, it also comes in an attractive way to emphasize luxury in design, as it comes with small rectangles made of chrome distributed regularly on the ends of the grille and is mediated by a Peugeot Lion Company made of chrome is also surrounded by this strip of chrome, the shape of which integrates with the shape of those small rectangular pieces And below the front, we find the front fog lights, in addition to that the lower sides of the car are made of black plastic that increases the artistic touch of beauty and elegance. With this, we finish describing the shape of the introduction, which reflects the luxury that we talked about and emphasizes ...
Design aspects:
The side design of the 3008 is not very different from the shape and description of the front, it has the same characteristics and it is difficult to describe.
The Peugeot 3008 comes with 5 doors, mirrors and electric glass, wheels with 17-inch sporty rims and a 60-liter fuel tank.

Peugeot 3008 comes with many facilities and accessories that greatly increase its luxury, and this is in addition to the luxury of the exterior design
- Safety and security equipment: front and rear seat belts - anti-theft imoplast system - Center lock or central door lock - Driver and front passenger airbags - ABS - EBD - ESP brake systems.
And some other equipment such as: the ability to control the level of the high and low of the chair - sensors and an intelligent parking system - a back camera - front and rear LED lights - - AUX inputs - USB electronic fuel injection - rear wipers - Bluetooth - headlamp control - cruise control - headrests Front and back - Trip computer - Front armrest - Rain-sensitive areas - Multipurpose steering wheel - Leather brushes - Leather-covered steering wheel - Front cup holders.

Engine and performance:

The Peugeot 3008 works with an engine that comes with 4 cylinders and also comes with a capacity of 1600CC and was supplied with 16 valves. This engine can generate horsepower of 163 horsepower or 6000 rpm, and it can also generate a maximum torque of about 240 Newton meters. Or 4000 rpm maximum, in proportion to the engine, capacity and class of the vehicle
As for the "transmission" transmission, it is automatic and front-wheel drive, it comes with 4 speeds only.
The 3008 engine can reach the speed of 201 km per hour as a top speed that can be reached by car. And you can reach from zero kilometers per hour to the speed of 100 kilometers per hour in a time of 9 seconds and 50 parts per second.
As for fuel consumption, this car consumes the equivalent of 6 liters of fuel per 100 km distance
That is, you need to travel about 800 kilometers in order to run out of fuel in the tank