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Predictive pictures of the all-new BMW X1

Predictive pictures of the all-new BMW X1

There is no doubt that the German BMW is one of the most important competitors in the category of SUV cars of various sizes and categories, and recently the company introduced entirely new generations of its most important SUV cars such as X5 and X6 and others, and recently also spy photos appeared for the third and all-new generation of X1, which is expected to come with a distinct design and equipment.

Like most new cars, several predictive images of the all-new X1 have been published, which show design elements of several new cars presented by BMW recently, where the design of the LED headlights and front bumper that appeared in the improved version of BMW 5 Series , With a large front grille, but spy photos showed that the X1 will be presented with a relatively smaller network than the rest of the cars currently offered by the company.


As for the sides, the new generation design elements appear entirely from the X3 and X5, through more streamlined design lines compared to the current generation of X1, in addition to sporty wheels with a well-known design from BMW, but from the back, the predictive images showed the same design of the existing taillights The new luxury X7, with two exhaust exits, and a large rear spoiler.

No mechanical specifications have been announced yet, but the all-new X1 is expected to offer a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which generates between 200 and 250 hp, with an eight-speed gearbox, with front traction or all-wheel drive. And, among the most important expectations also, is to offer a hybrid version of the X1 along with the diesel versions that are offered in European markets