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Renault Zoe beats Tesla


Renault Zoe VS Tesla
Renault Zoe beats Tesla

The ZOE electric car gave hope to Renault to change the future after the difficult months the French company experienced in 2020 due to the emerging Corona virus "Covid-19".

The French Renault ZOE has achieved remarkable sales in Europe in recent weeks, outperforming other electric models, led by the American company Tesla.

In recent weeks, Renault Zoe has surpassed Model 3, which is the most popular and best-selling model from Tesla in the European auto market during the first half of 2020.

One of the factors of Zoe's success
Several factors contributed to Zoe's success and spread among the inhabitants of the European continent, the first of which is its low price starting from 32,000 euros only, and the Renault car is ideal for the family in addition to being electric and environmentally friendly.

Sales of Renault Zoe in the European market during the first half of 2020 amounted to about 38 thousand copies to come in the forefront of the best-selling electric cars, outperforming Tesla Model 3 and the Volkswagen Electric Golf in addition to Nissan Leaf.

Also, the large government facilities provided by France and Germany have contributed greatly to the increase in sales of Renault ZOE in recent weeks.

Unprecedented demand for Renault Zoe
The virtual electric car showrooms in Germany and France have the largest number of applicants to reserve their copies after the cost has become less than the mobile phone contracts, thanks to the unprecedented support provided to support the market of clean energy cars.

Electric cars at the lowest costs
And it is now possible for a person to obtain a new electric car, some of which are free, without incurring heavy costs, due to the desire of the governments of Germany and France to support this market to preserve the environment and encourage citizens to rely on it.

"Bloomberg" reported that the "Autohaus Koenig" series, which consists of a group of agents with more than 50 stores in Germany, from the announcement of contracts for the Renault "Zoe" electric covered by a full support program.

The agency was able to obtain the attention of 3000 people in just 20 days and 300 others signed the contracts to obtain the car.

An unexpected surprise
While the head of electric car sales in Berlin revealed that the demand has become very large for this type of vehicle, and what is delaying the sales operations is that there are no more sales staff.

The head of electric car sales in Berlin described the turnout of cars after the subsidies as an unexpected surprise of such a huge size.

France also revealed sales of Renault Zoe doubled during 2020, even as some continued to buy cars powered by conventional fuels.

Netherlands only raises the electric emblem
For its part, the Dutch government announced the ban on the use of any non-electric car in the capital Amsterdam from 2030, and the country also spent $ 11.4 million in fund allocations to support the electric car purchase sector in just eight days, which reflects the unprecedented demand for electric models In the Netherlands.

Germany strongly supports
The German government also increased financial support for electric car buyers to 9,000 euros per car.

A popular German website will start offering Daimler smart electric EQ rental contracts for only 9.90 € per month.

With the French government decided to increase the subsidies for the purchase of electric cars to 7 thousand euros, which will enable the customer to rent a Renault Zoe at a cost of only 79 euros per month.

German government decisions
It is noteworthy that the German cabinet had issued a decision in the interest of electric and hybrid cars during the month of June, which is considered a severe blow to cars that use traditional fuel.

The decision to increase the taxes imposed on cars that have a high fuel consumption rate, starting in 2021.

Decision motivated
The German government also wants to make a legal amendment to protect the climate by urging citizens to buy energy-saving cars.

But with these decisions, the German government has demonstrated its commitment not to apply the high tax to cars already registered.

New taxes applied
 New taxes apply to all cars whose carbon emissions exceed 96 grams per km.

This decision greatly affects sports cars or bulky cars, especially since their emissions exceed about 115 grams per kilometer.

This comes after the head of the German state of Bavaria, Markus Zuider, made a proposal to increase the financial incentive for all coming to buy electric cars, to support the auto industry after the heavy losses left by the new Corona virus "Covid-19", the closure of factories and showrooms, and the collapse of sales.

And if the Bavarian Prime Minister’s proposal is approved, the monetary incentive will increase to 10 thousand euros instead of 6 thousand euros in the case of buying a car that preserves the environment.