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Review of the Ram 2500 Model 2020


Review of the Ram 2500 Model 2020 .. Hard work pickup in the spirit of a luxury car

Heavy-duty pickups have undergone a major transformation during the past decade, as these huge vehicles are no longer just heavy business machines, but rather are full of features borrowed from luxury cars, but this is especially true for the Ram 2500 Model 2020 that we will learn today during its review of the most important What it brings.

the design

The Ram 2500 Model 2020 for heavy work is similar in all its aspects to the 1500 model for light work, which is shown first in the front end with rectangular LED lights with integrated day lights, among which there is a majestic black broad grille bearing the name Ram with fog lights Front and standard tow hooks with a weight of 5,443 kg with 20 '' wheels.

The aggressive rear design is complemented by vertical taillights and muscular fender flaps, as well as the wide rear bumper and the wide box with the horn horned ram sign that suggest maximum strength and rigidity, representing the American Ram logo.

Cabin and technics

The Ram 1500 cabin is one of the most luxurious and elegant in its class, full of high-quality leather that we might usually find in the finest cars, while providing the front seats for cooling systems and electrically changing the position in several directions easily to obtain the most comfortable sitting position, in addition to having a comfortable back seat With comfortable interior upholstery, as well as strong insulation of outside noise, the cabin is quieter than most competitors.

The cabin holds a huge 12-inch vertical screen of the modern Uconnect infotainment system, which has clear graphics and a high level of response approaching smartphones, in addition to support for both Apple Car Play and Android Auto, with a 7-inch digital meter screen and support for wireless charging in addition to an audio system The Harman Kardon Deluxe boasts 17 speakers with two USB ports.


In terms of safety, we will find that the Ram 2500 has achieved a 4-star rating with the safety tests of the American NHTSA, and it comes with a large number of highly advanced security systems, which include adaptive cruise control at top speed, steering assistant, track stay support, automatic control Powerful LEDs, rear or peripheral camera system by category.

Performance and engines

In terms of engines, we will find that the 2020 Ram 2500 model comes with a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 heavy-duty engine that comes with 410 horsepower and 581 Nm of torque, which supports pulling weights of 7,969 kg.