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Shelf life of cars

Shelf life of cars
Shelf life of cars

Theoretically, yes, cars have a lifetime, as they are ultimately a product, and each product has a life cycle that ends in disposal, and some products have a long life if they are dealt with according to what their factory wanted, but you should know, dear reader, that you may need one day to get rid of Your dear car, which has many memories for you.

If the question is how old is the car’s default life, there are no official numbers that explain this matter, but when looking at the manufacturer’s warranty for the 10-year driving system or 150,000 kilometers, sometimes we can know that this time is guaranteed by the manufacturer For these parts in the car, after this period has ended you will be lucky if the car continues to operate without major breakdowns.

The car manufacturer is also required to provide the different parts of the car for a certain period after the end of its manufacturing period, and this matter plays an effective role in determining your decision regarding getting rid of the car or following up on its maintenance with the spare parts available at the dealer, but with the end of the car manufacturing period you may find Used spare parts in scrap and grinding places at a reasonable price will ensure your car continues to work for years to come.

Regular maintenance and traffic accidents

In every car, there is evidence that identifies periodic maintenance placed by the factory, and commitment to the times of these maintenance may save you the trouble of visiting the mechanic periodically as it will guarantee you to reach a long life, in return neglecting periodic maintenance may cause major malfunctions that may cost more than the value of the car Current.

Threats to the life of the car are traffic accidents, not all of them, there is a simple that does not exceed the scratches in front or rear clashes and there is the one that puts the structure of the car at stake, and therefore an evaluation of the car can be made after the accident and see if these repairs constitute a large part of the car's cost Or, she can work without threatening the monthly salary.

Electric cars

Electric cars have emerged as a strong discount for traditional cars that run on an internal combustion engine in recent times due to their great development and marketability as being low-cost in periodic maintenance, and this is true to some extent as the electric motor contains a few components that do not produce a large amount From heat and with a simple proportional transmission, propulsion systems can pass through life without significant costs in maintenance. This is compared to internal combustion engines that need to be cooled with water, fuel pumps and mechanical parts moving up to hundreds, so getting these components to a lifetime is a challenge. It requires a lot of follow-up and periodic maintenance.

The other point is the performance of batteries that may not be able to keep pace with the performance required of them at the end of their life, which can be replaced at the end of their life, but with an amount that may reach 30% of the cost of the car and it is new, or more than the cost of the car at the end of its life in this case. No major battery development at the time of disposal of the old battery.

When do I get rid of my car

The important question that many of us may not like. The answer to it depends on several factors, including the value of the car in the market, where the value of the car decreases from its purchase until it reaches its lowest value in its life cycle, but if you are lucky, the value of the car may increase after decreasing its value if If you find that the cost of the car as scrap is higher than its value in the market, this means that you are very close to getting rid of your car unless it continues to work well and there are no mechanical breakdowns High cost.

You may be lucky to buy a car whose price increases with the end of its life, but you will be more fortunate to buy a car from one of the companies whose cars are characterized by stability and durability over their lifetime, such as German cars such as Porsche and BMW and Japanese companies such as Toyota, Honda and Mazda, the cars provided by these companies Few breakdowns compared to the average failure of cars manufactured by other companies, buying a more reliable car from the start guarantees the peace of mind of the jeep.