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Skoda publishes teasers of her first electric car, and the date of its official disclosure

Skoda publishes teasers of her first electric car, and the date of its official disclosur

There is no doubt that the future has become for electric cars, which confirms that most car companies entered the competition, and one of the most important companies that entered the competition recently was the German Volkswagen Group.

Which developed a wheelbase for electric cars known as "MEB", which will be used by many companies of the Volkswagen Group, to present their electric cars. After Audi introduced the Q4 Sportback electric vehicle, Skoda published official teasers, and announced the date of the official disclosure of its cars. New electrical "Enyaq Enyaq".

Yes, it is an interesting name, but "Aniak" is not only considered the first electric car for Skoda, but it is also the strongest car in the history of the company, where the RS version of Aniak will get 302 hp, which surpasses the most powerful models that the company currently provides, which It offers 280 hp.

But the RS version is not the only version that will be presented from Aniak, as the company announced that there will be several copies, with different powers, and a different range, as the version with the largest range will be presented with a 82 kWh battery pack, which enables the car to cut 500 km per charge The one.

In addition to the ability to charge 80% of the battery in just 40 minutes, in addition to that, it will provide copies with a battery pack 55 - 62 kWh, which can cut the range of 340 - 390 km in a single charge.

Although the SUV electric springs are shorter in length than the new Octavia, they offer great interior spaciousness, which approaches a car like Kodiak, thanks to the spaces provided by electric cars, where you do not need large places to put a motor and others, in addition to that Anyac will offer many distinct and well-known equipment from Skoda.

The company also announced that the date for the official disclosure of "ANYAC" electrical will be on September 1, and a limited private copy will be presented, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the Skoda company, of which only 1.895 copies will be made, which is the year of the establishment of the company.