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Sports car and plane at the same time

Sports car and plane

Two dreams of car enthusiasts, that they have a flying car, or that they have a fast sports car, but Samson Sky managed to make a sports car and a plane at the same time, after mixing the two dreams with each other and creating something closer to the imagination, And now the company is opening orders for this flying sports car, which it is currently developing under the name "Switch Blade".

Immediately upon the announcement of this new "imaginary" product, Samson Sky was surprised by receiving more than 800 real orders to buy this flying car from around the world, with attention concentrated in the states of "California" and "Florida" in the United States of America. The "Switch Blade", with a 4-cylinder engine and 190 horsepower, has a liquid cooling feature and a weight-to-power ratio equal to "Corvette", in addition to an air field of more than 300 km, and there is enough space for two people inside the car, with its ability to carry 45 kilograms Of luggage, and the height is approximately 4 thousand meters, and its price reaches 140 thousand dollars, or approximately 525 thousand riyals, after the completion of all manufacturing and assembly operations, according to the company.

Sports car and plane

Despite all these advantages, that getting a car like this and driving it will not be that easy, as it will require a driver’s license, as it needs 330 meters from the open road to climb and more than that to get off safely, which are undoubtedly significant obstacles for most interested, and puts the project All under more realistic framework.


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