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Spy photos of the BMW M3 model 2021.

Spy photos of the BMW M3 model 2021.

BMW M3 model 2021

The “Motor Authority” site, published many of the sensory images of the m3 BMW model both inside and outside during testing.
Although the car was completely shading, those images were very clear and could highlight many important points in that car.

Exterior design.

This is probably the most distinctive model between the normal third-class version and the m3 version, where the m3 version contains the large-scale longitudinal network, while the normal third-class version is provided with a very different front-end network. This makes it very easy to differentiate between them. The front of the vehicle has other air vents on the impact absorber sides to provide better brake cooling at higher speeds and during sporting performance.

We see from those images that the vehicle will be provided with headlights slightly smaller than the normal m3 version. With sports wheels in a very beautiful design - from my personal point of view - with giant brakes!
The car is provided with a large size, bursting sports brake discs with distinctive yellow pistons.
As for the rear section of the vehicle, there are 4 rear exhaust exits, centered around the center of the vehicle in a highly sporty design. And rear lights are very similar to the standard category III lights.
This model is significantly wider and longer at the wheel base. I expect the vehicle to perform very well on the tracks.

BMW M3 model 2021BMW M3 model 2021

Interior design.

The images show the interior very much like the normal third-class version, and I expect the most striking differences between them will be the transmission stick and the sports seats. However, those parts are completely covered in those images.
As for the exposed part of the images, the steering wheel is embroidered in both red and blue, with variations in the instrument panel.

Engine and propulsion system.

BMW M3 model 2021

The official launch will take place in approximately September, with the vehicle expected to be physically available by the beginning of 2021
The vehicle is expected to be delivered with the same engine as the X3M, a 6 cylinder engine with a capacity of 3 liters, with dual turbochargers, 480 HP in m3, 510 HP in compettion.