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The black monster is the most expensive SUV in the world

The black monster is the most expensive SUV in the world

The Chinese company "Karlmann King" has finished making a car (The Karlmann King), which is classified as the most expensive SUV in the world, and designed in the style of a stealth aircraft; It costs 1.5 million pounds.

The car, dubbed the "Black Monster", is distinguished by the fact that it includes carbon fiber in its manufacture, and is also bulletproof, in addition to its very luxurious interior components.

The company has published a number of photos of the mega-car that features advanced technologies and a strong structure on the base of the Ford F450, and the car is more than six meters in length and can accommodate four people.

Many features come to the luxury of its leader, and those in the car, including a high-definition retractable Apple TV and PlayStation 4, a small refrigerator and a Nespresso machine, and the interior lighting can also be adjusted to suit the mood.

The car has a 6.8-liter V8 engine, a 360-horsepower engine with a top speed of 87 mph and weighs more than 5 tons.