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The launch of the enhanced version of Volkswagen Tiguan!

The launch of the enhanced version of Volkswagen Tiguan!

Volkswagen Tiguan is one of Europe's best-selling SUV cars, with total sales of 6 million copies worldwide.

And last year it was already the most productive car in the entire Volkswagen fleet, total production in 2019 was only 911,000 copies .. The second generation of the Tiguan was launched in 2016, and today Volkswagen takes a new step towards digital and electrical transformation to keep pace with the times and Meeting new challenges in different ways.

Engine and drive system.

The car will be offered with the same internal combustion engines powered by gasoline. In Europe, the liter capacity of the engine is 2.0 liters, with a power of 184 hp and 300 Newton * meters torque .. And the most sporty version, "Tiguan R", which will be presented in Europe only with a strength of 315 hp.

With another version that contains an internal combustion engine operating with diesel fuel capacity of 2.0 liters more than 150 hp, and this engine is one of the least polluting engines in the entire world, with a very distinct fuel consumption, where the average consumption is 4.9 liters per 100 km!

Finally, the hybrid version of the Tiguan, which has a horse power of 241 hp, will be introduced in Europe only until that moment .. there may be new in the future and a change in plans.


And the car offers many new equipment, the most prominent of which is the latest generation of the company's latest information system called “MIB3”, which is connected to an 8-inch touch screen central screen as a basic equipment, or 10-inch as an optional equipment, with a sound system from Harman Kardon strongly 480 watt as optional.

Beside the all-new steering wheel, which contains touch buttons to select and select multiple tasks, with the air conditioner with touch buttons, and finally the LED Matrix lighting system.

External updates.

And the car got many updates in the exterior, especially the introduction, the introduction contained a wider front ventilation network and a design close to its older siblings such as the Atlas Cross Sport model that is sold in North America.

With a new design for the headlamps that have become very similar to the Golf 8 model in terms of design language, and the car will get many options for wheels, it starts measuring from 17 inches to 18, 19 and even 20 inches in the highest-equipped categories ever!